1. Posed photographs of your newborn(s), takes time and patience. I do keep a 3 hour maximum limit on the session in order to not over-stimulate or add too much stress on your baby.

2. If you have siblings in the photographs, it's a good idea to have a plan for them to leave the studio after their pictures especially if they are under the age of 5 years to ensure a quiet environment for your baby. Arrange to come in two vehicles with dad, a grandparent or friend leaving with your other child(ren) after their portraits.

3.The studio is kept very warm (about 85 degrees) please dress accordingly, possibly in layers if you have selected a package that you will be in some of the photographs, and then to be comfortable for the remainder of the session.

4. Try your best (but don't stress) to keep your newborn stimulated/awake prior to your session so they will be drowsy for posing.

5. For the best results, plan to feed your baby before arriving (at home if you live close by). If you have a distance to travel, you may feed baby in the studio. A swivel glider chair (for privacy if preferred) nursing pillow, changing table, and wipes are provided for your convenience. Upon arrival, I will be finalizing any set-up/wraps or items you bring along then Photographer will take over and wrap baby.

6. Please avoid tight clothing like socks that will leave red marks on the skin of baby

7. Bring extra clothing for yourself and baby, in the event that we have any bodily fluid accidents while posing. (There may be images when your baby is nude). Pee and poop accidents are likely to happen. Photographer will clean-up baby as needed and continue working. 

8. BRING A PACIFIER. If you have not yet used a pacifier and we need one, photographer will supply one if you do not have one on hand. 

9. We will start with any sibling/parent images first (if applicable). This way sibling(s) can exit the studio as soon as possible. Once your parent images are complete (if applicable), you may sit down and relax, or step outside if you need a break from the heat. Water will be provided but feel free to bring any other beverages or snacks along. There are some poses that I will need your assistance, in that event, I will instruct you on how to help. Otherwise, please stay a comfortable distance from the baby and photographer. Baby is sensitive to touch and smell (of mom) and we want to prevent baby from wanting to take another feed unless we need to. 

10. Cell phones are permitted in the studio (on vibrate) you must inform the photographer if you choose to take any images so I can let you know if it's a good time and a safe distance from equipment.