Studio wish list poses

Wrapped poses are great to incorporate seasons or themes

All wrapped up

Wrapped up, hands out

Wrapped up, feet out

Baby on a shelf


Boxed Potato

Back lay-prop

Back lay, tucked in



From above

Tucked in


Every newborn session includes one foot pose

Feet wrapped

without babies breath

Feet with rings

Feet in hands

Bean Bag Poses

Most often these poses are nude but you can request wraps or clothing items if you prefer

Heart bowl

Side lay

Bum up

Head over hands

Supine on bean bag

Wrapped hands in or out


Back lay

In your hands deluxe package poses

In your hands-full

In your hands

Composite Photography

Composite images are trick photography. Your baby is posed safely then added to a digital backdrop or pre-shot background

Digital backdrop

Digital backdrop

Custom poses with parent supplied items

You are not required to supply anything for your session but if you have something special you want to include, I am happy to create a pose to include them

Dads uniform

Moms stethoscope

Dads badge


Many concepts can be done, here are some examples of past requested themes. Some props are studio owned while others were brought by the parent

Super hero

Studio supplied props


Fox hat is studio owned

Rainbow baby

Hearts are studio owned

Little gardener

Felt vegetables were parent supplied

Santa baby

Santa hat was parent supplied


Studio supplied bows


Little man

Studio owns some bow-ties


Studio owns numerous floral items


Favorite team

Dads jersey

Favorite sport

Alma mater


Family poses

Classic snuggles

Classic smiles

Classic kisses


With dad

With mom